About Us

Fincare Business Services Private Limited is a Core Investment Company managing a clutch of businesses operating in base of pyramid financial services sector in India, with assets of over Rs.1647 Cr as on Apr’17. The company has equity investment from Truenorth, a premier private equity fund in India along with the Indian promoters. Fincare was formed in Sep-2014, to consolidate the base of pyramid financial services and distribution (BOP-FSD) platform under one umbrella.

Business Journey

The journey of the platform began with equity investment by Truenorth in the year 2010 with acquisition of stake in two NBFC-MFIs viz. Disha Microfin Pvt Ltd (Disha) based in West India and Future Financial Servicess Private Limited (FFSPL) operating in South India. Truenorth also created a Central Management Company, India Finserve Advisors Pvt Ltd (IFAPL) as an advisory and management services arm for its investee companies. Along the way, a fourth entity came into existence viz. Lok Management Service Pvt Ltd (Lok) in 2012, established as a Business Correspondent to Banks, helping in furthering their financial inclusion agenda through microfinance products & services.

The base of pyramid financial services and distribution platform of Truenorth, comprising of Disha, FFSPL, Lok and IFAPL acquired scale and stature rapidly necessitating the need to consolidate the business under a holding company to sustain the organic and exponential growth envisaged for the platform. To this end, the business interests of Truenorth in the platform got merged under the holding company Fincare Business Services Pvt Ltd in Sep-2014 with Corporate Office at Bangalore, Karnataka.

The umbrella holding company Fincare comprises the following businesses:

  1. NBFC-MFIs Disha Microfin and Future Financial Servicess Pvt Ltd.
  2. Business Correspondent (BC) services through Fincare Lok.
  3. Financial and management advisory services within the group companies through India Finserve Advisors Private Limited.

*As part of our Small Finance Bank transformation journey which started with the in-principle license from the RBI in Sep-15, the business portfolio of FFSPL has been transferred to the balance sheet of Disha Microfin with effect from 01-Oct-16.